Termite Gel – Professional Termite bait 0.53oz

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In 24 – 48 hours you can solve your termite problem! Very Easy to use, No need for drilling or digging on property.

100% Money Back Guarantee! 


With TERMITGEL you will save thousands of dollars!

The TERMITGEL protects your property without poisoning your property and soil,  in 24 – 48 hours you can solve your termite problem.

Suitable for places where there are termite canals, with live western drywood and western subterranean termites, such as Kitchen closets, lintels, furniture, pergolas, and other places where the termites have taken over.

Very Easy to use, No need for drilling or digging on property.

100% Money Back Guarantee! 


TERMITGEL is a source of moisture, for this reason draws the termites, it serves as a quick solution against infestation of the insect at home, as opposed to the long processes of other types of treatments.

TERMITGEL is suitable for use in difficult places, which their poisonousness cause difficulty (Labs, schools, hospitals, etc.)

TERMITGEL serves for use in places that are not accessible, like notches in walls, electric systems, cracks, etc.


TERMITGEL is a solution for a specific insect and prevents the use of the extended use of gallons of pesticides.

TERMITGEL Drafts homeowners in confronting the infestation of termites. Not just calling on an exterminator, who gives a temporary solution, thus stops the infestation completely, in the area.

TERMITGEL serves as a new application that in a relatively short time destroys termites at their source. This is opposed to the long periods of time that it takes to eradicate termites using insecticides, without all their inconvenience.

TERMITGEL helps bring to a minimum in insecticides, which poison your home and land.

TERMITGEL is minimum danger to humans, livestock, and nature. Guards the quality of life of the surroundings and very easy to use

How to use

The idea behind TERMITGEL is quite simple and logical. Instead of having to deal and fight against several termites with toxic sprays, that just kills them, We use the termites as carriers of a toxic bait, in order to carry the fictitious food into the center of the nest. This way we succeed to solve the problem from its source.

The target is to find the canals of the termites. Those canals of mud that serves as paths of their movement. The termites are covered to light and they advance only through the canals of mud that they build by means of sand that they pick up and wet in their mouths, hence it is turned to mud.

After you find these canals, with a sharp devices gently cut and uncover the termite canal through which you will gently inject the gel. It is most important not to interfere with the life of the termites. In the uncovered space put 1 or 2 drops of the gel. Carefully try to recover the opening that you made, so that the termites could carry on with their work.

Now that we have fed the workers, they will continue with their work collecting food including the gel. Then they will continue their way to their community to feed the groups of workers around the queen.

This solution can last 2 to 10 years.

Western subterranean Termites:

Western drywood Termites:

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